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* Note on data processing: We respect your privacy and process personal data within the framework of current data protection law only on the basis of statutory provisions or if you consent to the processing. The data is collected exclusively to meet the requirements of the applicable state ordinance of Lower Saxony for combating the corona pandemic and thus for tracking possible chains of infection by the responsible health authorities if necessary. The data collection and data storage are carried out in accordance with the GDPR requirements. The GDPR-compliant destruction of the data takes place in accordance with the national legal requirements after 1 month from data collection. Please observe our hygiene regulations: You are obliged to wear a mask at the buffet and when leaving the table. You must also keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other guests at all times. The queuing of the buffet is organized in the form of a one-way street system.

Thank you so much!

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