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Historie_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel



“There is nothing permanent except change.”
Heraclitus of Ephesus (around 540 – 480 BC)

Hotel Wegner is a family-run house with a long entrepreneurial tradition.
Our grandfather, Max Wegner, ran a tailor shop by the name of “Textil-Wegner” in the 40s in the rooms now occupied by Restaurant Max’es which is named after him. He sold his wares at market-like stalls over the land. Our father, Karl-Heinz Wegner, supported the family business from an early age.

In the 50s, Max gave up the tailor shop and leased the rooms. Hotel Wegner was created in a neighbouring house and an extension to it beside and above the former tailor shop. Naturally Max and Karl-Heinz also put their shoulders to the wheel.

In the over 70 years of its existence, Hotel Wegner has undergone enormous changes. From a simple boarding-house to the present-day pearl with modern comforts, 74 rooms, apartments and Villa Wegner. What has stayed the same is the family atmosphere. Personal attention, a feel for service and detail.

Today the hotel is run by the Wegner siblings, Michael Wegner and Natascha Barthold, née Wegner.


Gründer Max Wegner_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel

The founder

Max Wegner

Our History

Hotel Wegner opens its doors with 20 rooms.

Our father, Karl-Heinz Wegner, meets and falls in love with hotel employee, Ingrid Pauluhn.  2 children are born soon after they marry, Natascha and Michael who run the hotel today.
Max Wegner hands the business over to the married couple and enjoys his well-earned retirement.

The 2nd generation adds an extension to the hotel with 22 further rooms.

Our father, Karl-Heinz Wegner, leases the hotel to an external operator for 20 years and retires.


The 20-year lease with the external operator comes to an end and the 3rd generation,

the Wegner siblings, take over the business. Hotel Wegner is once again in family hands.

They also manage the Care boarding-house for Ingrid Wegner on a provisional basis.

Extensive renovations are carried out with the support of our mother, Ingrid Wegner.

They include a loft conversion to add further rooms.

The offices previously leased (Fernseh Bittner, snack stall…) below Hotel Wegner

are converted to become the lobby and Restaurant Max’es.

2 meeting rooms are created in the upper section.

The Wegner siblings also take over the Care boarding-house.

The Care Boardinghouse will be completely renovated and the Care Boardinghouse will become the “Villa Wegner”. Modern rooms and a suite in 4-star comfort.

About the Hotel Wegner is now also the rental of the renovated row house, Walsroder Straße 37 made with 3 modern one-bedroom apartments and a possible cleaning of the apartments additionally sold and organized. In August, the Hotel Wegner expands its business area with Wegner’s Breakfast Manufactory. www.frühstü

In the beginning of 2017 the renovation and reconstruction of another building “An der Furth 2” will start and will be opened in November as Agritechnika as Villa 2 with 16 hotel rooms. The hotel car park receives an additional 11 parking spaces on the “An der Furth” side.


Our hotel garden is ready and increase our hotel restaurant Max´es. Enjoy your lunch, dinner or just a break at our beautiful hotel garden.


The Corona virus forces us all to an entertaining standstill and gives us time to find ideasplan and implement themHotel Wegner applies for a classification for a 4-star hotel and develops a comprehensive culinary concept - Hotel Wegner - The culinary art hotel.

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