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Hotel Wegner the culinary Art Hotel

Welcome to


An all-round successful stay. Isn't that what we want as guests?


  • a friendly greeting

  • caring service

  • a room to feel good

  • enjoyable food

  • and good conversations.


At "The culinary art hotel" we place particular value on the enjoyment of food and drink with small, artistic experiences. With us you will find ...


... the best breakfast buffet in Hanover

... a creative a la carte breakfast for individualists

... delicacies from our patisserie to traditional

ajar afternoon tea

... a special restaurant experience for the little ones and

great hunger

... business lunch, conference and dinner concepts

... events from table quizzes to kitchen parties


Many homemade and extraordinary delicacies such as jams, spreads, roasts, spices, oils, etc. are created in our factory.

In our studio, our creatives conjure up playful and artistic things.

Käselaib_Restaurant Maxes
Gartenterrasse_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel


Hotelzimmer Villa 1_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel
Terasse Suite_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel

„Only the convinced convice.“
Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824, French Philosopher

We want to be good for our guests, especially in the “little things”. These make us special and give the Hotel Wegner its own character. The resulting effect should be felt in the Hotel Wegner down to the smallest detail.


Your Hosts
Natascha Barthold (nee Wegner) & Michael Wegner & team

Flur im Haupthaus_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel

The best breakfast in Hanover

Breakfast a la carte


You may heard about it? Our Breakfast-Factory offers a varied breakfast buffet. To live up to our reputation as "the best breakfast in Hannover", we put  a lot of love and work into our breakfast buffet to make the difference. Convince yourself and try out our delicious breakfast.

Alternatively, we offer you an a la carte breakfast, which is nothing less than our breakfast buffet.

Obstsalat_Frühstücks-Manufaktur_Hotel Wegner
Avocado Stulle_Frühstücks-Manufaktur_Hotel Wegner
Saft_Frühstücks-Manufaktur_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel
Getränke_Frühstücks-Manufaktur_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel

Lunch & Dinner


Also you can have Dinner & Lunch at our cosy restaurant Max´es. Just visit us and enjoy your evening.

Riesengarnelen_Restaurant Max´es_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel
Restaurant Max´es_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel
Dessert_Restaurant Max´es_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel


"It is the smallest things that make up perfection,

but perfection is anything but a small thing." 

Henry Royce

"We love Feedback"

Your opinion is important to us!

Gartenterrasse_Restaurant Max´es_Hotel Wegner the culinary art hotel
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