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Our breakfast buffet


Our vegan products 

Everyone gets their money's worth with our breakfast buffet! Many of our homemade products are already vegan. Here we have created a small overview to make your visit to our breakfast factory easier.


Our sweet spreads

homemade raspberry jam. Plum jam, blackberry, apricot, strawberry & peanut cream, red fruit jelly, homemade apple compote & strawberry sauce


Bread & rolls

Rose rolls, Sylt country bread, farmer's bread, grain to grain, whole grain, rye, grain bread, bread rolls made from wheat, rye, spelled and gluten-free (on order)


Our hearty spreads

Paprika dip, aubergine cream, herb mustard, paprika mustard, ketchup, dragon blood mustard, homemade pesto, orange mustard sauce, figs & date mustard, Dijon mustard & brinen mustard


Our smoothies

Raspberry, kiwi, banana, blackberry and many more ... varying daily.


Our salads

Beetroot couscous salad, paprika couscous salad, natural couscous salad, pasta salad, cucumber & tomatoes, olives, carrot salad & stir-fried vegetables, fruit salad


Our drinks

Water, tea, coffee, apple, orange, banana, cherry, pineapple, marajuca juice and much more!

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